Sculpture Artwork, Earmarked by Grace Cross
Shorncliffe Pier Oil Painting by David Cross
The Artists, Grace and David Cross
Naracoopa Bed & Breakfast Gallery: Sculptures by Catherine Reason Macauley
Naracoopa Gallery,Shorncliffe Pier artworks by Grace Cross
Naracoopa Gallery, Pier artworks by David Cross

David and Grace Cross are both visual artists living and working in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane on Moreton Bay in Shorncliffe. Their local environment of the bay, foreshores, cliffs and wetlands are a constant source of inspiration for their work and has been an ongoing catalyst in the creation of their artworks. Both artists exhibit regularly throughout Brisbane and Southeast Queensland and both have been recognized with many awards and acceptances into Regional and Juried exhibitions.

For David, themes and subject matter have varied over the past exhibitions but a continuing link in his work is light and how it imparts on the subject. David’s preferred medium is Oil Painting, as well as Drawing.

Continuing themes in Grace’s work is the layering of images, texture, embellishment and colour culminating in textural elements that provide focal points within the composition. Grace is predominately a Textile Artist using a variety of media and surface decoration techniques to create her 2D and 3D artworks.

A selection of their artworks are always on display at Naracoopa Bed & Breakfast Art Gallery space.